Why did you choose to study at Queen Margaret University (QMU)?

I chose to study at QMU because it is a small and welcoming University. It is very easy to get to know fellow students and staff members and it is an environment that is conducive to learning.

What interested you about your chosen courses?

I wanted to study at master's level, especially in research as I had enjoyed all aspects of research work throughout my undergraduate degree (BSc Nutrition). The MRes at QMU allows for a good balance between having the autonomy to conduct your own research whilst being fully supported by my supervisors, as well as including modules that have helped me to develop as a well-rounded researcher.

What did you most enjoy about your course?

I have really enjoyed the whole course. It has been great to understand more about the theoretical underpinnings of research and to understand research from other disciplines.

How did your lecturers support your learning?

The support I have received, both from my project supervisors and from the programme leader, has been outstanding.  It has been great to be fully supported and know that any questions or queries can and will be answered.

Do you have any advice for students who might be interested in applying for this course?

The advice I would give to other students contemplating a career in research is to consider what skills you need for your chosen career after studying. The MRes at QMU allows you to develop a different set of skills compared to undergraduate and is very focused on skills you will need as a researcher. It has also given me a good insight into what completing a PhD would be like, which is great. It has been very useful to build the skills I need. I enjoyed the structure of this degree with a good balance between option modules, taught modules and your own research project all of which have helped to develop skills for future careers.

It is step up from undergraduate degrees so ensuring you have really thought about why you are undertaking further study and how it will benefit you is vital. This will sustain you through late nights and early mornings of studying.

What’s your ‘top tip’ for making the most of being a student?

Say ‘yes’ to every opportunity. This will allow you to have experiences at university that will help determine which path you should take at the end of your time here. I was lucky enough to have a variety of volunteer experiences and I enjoyed some immensely and not so much with others; however, all those experiences have led me to knowing I wanted a research career.  

What are you plans after graduation?

As soon as I finish on my MRes in late August/ early September 2020, I will be moving to Ulster University to pursue a PhD researching in vitamin D.  This is a very exciting opportunity and one that investing in and completing a masters has helped me to accomplish. I didn't think I would be in this position when I started at QMU but all the support and help from all the staff in DNBS and in the MRes has made it possible.


Published in 2020