Division: Speech and Hearing Sciences

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Mrs Lizanne Steenkamp (BSc, PgCert) is a Lecturer in the Speech and Hearing Sciences Division. She is also an affiliate member of Clinical Audiology, Speech and Language Research Centre (CASL).

  • Overview
  • Research Interests
  • Teaching & Learning

I received both my BSc in Human Genetics (1999) and Honours Degree in Speech Language Therapy and Audiology (2003) in South Africa. I worked in South Africa as a Speech Language Therapist and Audiologist before coming to Scotland in 2005, where I worked as an Audiologist in the National Health Service (NHS). While working in hospitals in South Africa and in the NHS I supervised Audiology students as part of their clinical training. I have been a lecturer in Audiology at Queen Margaret University (QMU) in Edinburgh since 2007 and I am the Programme leader for the PgDip/MSc in Audiology (pre registration) course. In 2010 I completed the PgCert in Professional and Higher Education at QMU. I have a keen interest in the profession of Audiology and its development and I believe my background in Speech Therapy supports an understanding of the links between Audiology and other related professions. I participate in the accreditation of Audiology programmes on a national level for the British Academy of Audiology as part of my role on various professional and regulatory committees.

Affiliations/Memberships to Other Organisations:

  • British Academy of Audiology Board Director for Accreditation

Research/Knowledge Exchange Centre Membership:

My research interests include:

  • Educational Perspectives in Audiology
  • Early Intervention in Hearing Impairment
  • Professional development of newly qualified clinicians
  • Curriculum design
  • Professional Identity development

Research Methods:

  • Qualitative methods

Profession specific learning and teaching areas include:

  • Professional Practice in Audiology
  • Diagnostic Assessment of Hearing loss in Adults
  • Multidisciplinary Working
  • Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation

Education specific learning and teaching areas include:

  • The use of technology in teaching
  • Online and distance learning

Program Leader:

PgDip/MSc in Audiology (pre registration)



  • SM048 Neurology for Speech and Language Therapy and Audiology        
  • SM058 Audiological Assessment
  • S4168 Audiological Clinical Skills
  • S4169 Professional Practice for Audiology
  • SM062 Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation    
  • SM064 Multidisciplinary Working      
  • SM045 Advanced Practice in Balance Management


  • S1185 Introduction to Hearing Aid Audiology
  • S1186 Communication in Clinical Practice
  • S1187 Auditory Assessment 1
  • S1189 Auditory assessment 2
  • S1173 Fundamentals of Rehabilitation
  • S2184 Special Issues
  • S1175 Professional Practice Foundations
  • S1177 The Lifespan: Typical Development Variation and Change