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Division: Speech and Hearing Sciences

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Dr Christine Johnson (PgCert, Dip, BSc Hons) is a Lecturer in Audiology in the Speech and Hearing Sciences Division. She is also an affiliate member of the Clinical Audiology, Speech and Language (CASL) Research Centre.

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I am a part-time PhD student and lecturer in the Audiology Department within Speech and Hearing Sciences. I was previously awarded an honours degree in Biology with Oceanography from Southampton University and have spent several years working in industry, before completing a Graduate Diploma in Audiology at QMU. Since graduating I have worked as a research assistant both at QMU and at Edinburgh University, on a series of studies looking at auditory processing and hearing profiles in older adults. My current research interests include exploring the utility of auditory brainstem response testing in documenting and monitoring neurological change in people with a diagnosis of alcohol dependence syndrome, who are entering a treatment and rehabilitation programme. Within the Audiology team we are also looking at the provision of hearing care services to older adults living in residential care homes in Scotland.  I am a registered Hearing Aid Dispenser and Audiologist and am currently the Programme Leader for the Diploma in Higher Education Hearing Aid Audiology. 

Affiliations/Memberships to Other Organisations:

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the British Society of Audiology
  • HCPC Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser
  • RCCP Registered Audiologist

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I am undertaking a PhD (P/T) exploring the use of the auditory brainstem response and speech evoked auditory brainstem response, in assessing auditory processing capabilities in adults with a diagnosis of alcohol dependence syndrome. This research aims to assess whether auditory brainstem responses in people who have alcohol dependence syndrome, provide a useful means to document neurological change and monitor the beneficial impact of abstinence.

I am also involved in research exploring the hearing care needs of the population of older adults living in residential care homes in Scotland. We are looking at the prevalence of hearing loss in this population, how this population accesses hearing care and whether the types of hearing assessment used are suitable for people with multimorbidities.

Active Research Interests:

  • Exploration of the Auditory Brainstem Response during detoxification from alcohol.
  • Hearing Care for Older Adults in Residential Care Homes

Research Methods:

  • Empirical study


Please see my research publications in eResearch – Queen Margaret University’s repository

Research Grants & Contracts Funding:

Co-applicant for The Abbeyfield Society PhD Studentship

I am involved in teaching the theoretical knowledge and practical skills which underpin hearing aid audiological practice. My main areas of expertise include advanced assessment of the auditory system and exploration of how adults process auditory information. This includes studying the relationship between peripheral hearing, central auditory processing and cognitive abilities.

Program Leader:

Diploma in Higher Education Hearing Aid Audiology



  • S1185 Introduction to Hearing Aid Audiology
  • S1186 Communication in Clinical Practice
  • S1187 Auditory Assessment 1
  • S1188 Basic Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the Audio-Vestibular System
  • S1189 Auditory assessment 2
  • S1173 Fundamentals of Rehabilitation
  • S1190 Clinical practice in Hearing Aid Audiology 1
  • S2181 Hearing Aid Technology and Assistive Listening Devices
  • S2183 Professional Issues in Hearing Aid Audiology
  • S2185 Counselling in Hearing Aid Audiology
  • S2186 Clinical Practice in Hearing Aid Audiology 2
  • S2180 Professional Issues (Aptitude Test in Hearing Aid Dispensing)
  • S4168 Audiological Clinical Skills
  • S4169 Professional Practice for Audiology


  • SM058 Audiological Assessment
  • SM020 Tinnitus and Hyperacusis
  • SM047 Hearing Technology: Advanced
  • SM015 Adult Aural Rehabilitation
  • SM063 Advanced Audiological Assessment
  • PM009 Research Project