Senior Lecturer in Physiology & Neuroscience


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Dr Douglas McBean (BSc(Hons), PhD) is a Senior Lecturer in Physiology & Neuroscience and the BSc(Hons) Applied Pharmacology Programme Leader in the Division of Dietetics, Nutrition & Biological Sciences, Physiotherapy, Podiatry & Radiography (DPPR). He is also an associate member of the Centre for Health, Activity and Rehabilitation Research (CHEAR).

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On completion of my PhD I spent a year working at the University of Virginia (Charlottesville, USA) in the Department of Physiology. My research involved the use of intracerebral microdialysis to monitor changes in interstitial fluid levels of adenosine, inosine and hypoxanthine in the brain following various stimuli. On my return from the US I spent just over 2 years working in Clinical Neursociences at the University of Edinburgh examining the effects of serotonergic lesions, induced using methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, Ecstasy) on local cerebral blood flow and glucose utilisation. From 1991-1997 I worked in the pharmaceutical industry in the area of stroke and neurodegeneration. I have worked at QM since 1997 and currently teach a wide variety of Neuroscience, Pharmacology and Physiology modules to Applied Pharmacology, Dietetics, Human Biology, Nutrition, Nutrition & Food Science, Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Speech students. I have co-edited one book with my colleague Dr. Frederike can Wijck - "Applied Neurosciences for the Allied Health Professions". I have also authored 27 book chapters, 2 review articles and 29 primary research articles.  

Affiliations/Memberships to Other Organisations:

  • British Pharmacological Society; British Neuroscience Association; Higher Education Academy

Research/Knowledge Exchange Centre membership:  

Associate member of the Centre for Health, Activity and Rehabilitation Research (CHEAR)


Please see my research publications in eResearch – Queen Margaret University’s repository

My main areas of teaching include Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience. More specifically this includes cardiorespiratory physiology, neurophysiology, developmental biology, cardiovascular pharmacology, neuropharmacology, stroke, neurodegenerative diseases and molecular pharmacology.

Program Leader - BSc(Hons) Applied Pharmacology


Level 1

  • D1127 – Introductory Physiology & Anatomy (Module Co-ordinator; MC)
  • D1128 – Neurobiological Foundations of Communication (MC)
  • D1132 – Developmental Biology & Ageing (MC)
  • D1135 – Integrating Module 1 (MC)
  • D1137 – Key Investigative Skills 1 (MC)
  • D1151 – Introduction to Health & Society
  • D1152 – Contemporary Issues in Biological Sciences (MC)
  • D1154 – Introduction to Neuroscience (MC)

Level 2

  • C2144 – Human Physiology & Pharmacology (MC)
  • D2141 – Laboratory Investigative Procedures
  • D2156 – Pharmacology (MC)

Level 3

  • D3150 – Determinants of Health
  • D3154 – Integrating Module 3 (MC)
  • D3165 – Clinical Sciences 1
  • D3167 – Insights in to Scientific Enquiry & Evaluation (MC)
  • D3168 – Professional Module
  • D3170 – Molecular Pharmacology (MC)
  • D3175 – Advanced Neuroscience (MC)

Level 4

  • D4142 – Advanced Molecular Pharmacology
  • D4145 – Current Issues in Cardio- and Cerebrovascular Disease (MC)
  • D4151 – Performance Enhancing Drugs (MC)
  • D4154 – Honours Project
  • D4156 – Current Issues in Sport & Exercise
  • D4165 – Research & Professional Communication


  • DM041 – Pharmacology & Pharmacogenetics