Logo marque

Ensuring correct format

The logotype format should never be modified. Always use the artwork supplied. If you have a specific requirement that cannot by met by any of the supplied artwork, please contact the Marketing and Communications Office. 

The name style has been specifically sized and spaced and should not be altered in any way. 

Linear logo

QMU Inline logo Version

The Queen Margaret University logo. This is the preferred logo for printing and digital reproduction.

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Linear logo condensed

Linear Logo condensed

For use in certain situations where space is restricted condensed version of the Linear logo has been created. 

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Stacked logo

QMU Stacked logo Version

For use in certain situations where space is restricted or where content is centered, a stacked version of the logo has been created.

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The Queen Margaret University logo is constructed from several visual elements. These elements should only be used individually by the University's Marketing and Communications team. 

Crown a Crest Element of QMU Logo The Crown symbolises Queen Margaret
Martlet Crest Element of QMU Logo Martlets and Cross The Martlet is a mythological bird used in heraldry and associated with learning. It is footless, symbolising its constant flight in search of knowledge. The Cross represents the canonisation of Queen Margaret.  
Book Element of QMU Crest Book represents knowledge
Castle Crest Element of QMU Logo Castle represents Edinburgh

Minimum size

Due to the complexity of the crest, minimum sizes for reproduction have been set. The minimum size of the logotype is 15mm. It is important only to use the logo in contexts where it is clearly legible. In other words, make sure that the logo is not too small to be read in the context it is being used. 

Ensuring correct format

The logotype format should never be modified. Do not change the proportions of elements used. Do not isolate the shield from the text.

Do not change logo proportionsDo not isolate QMU Shield from Logotype

Exclusion Zones

The logo should not be suffocated by other elements on a page. Try to keep the logo clear of clutter on the page. We suggest an exclusion zone of the shield size. 

Image showing minimum required space around QMU Logo

Ensuring correct background

The logotype must always be clear and visible. The background on which the logotype is displayed can enhance or detract from the identity. Always select a simple, uncluttered background. Where the background is strong or dark, please use the appropriate reversed logotype.

Stacked logo variations and usage

For coloured backgrounds, the use of a white text and keylined logo is usable if the background is dark enough to provide sufficient contrast. 

Background suitable for white logo Background too light for White Logo
OK Too light - not enough contrast

Linear logo

For use in certain situations where space is restricted, a linear version of the logotype has been created. As with the stacked logo, there is a white keyline version for use over colour. 


Sufficient contrast for background 

Too light - not enough contrast:

Insufficient contrast for background

Logo for small spaces

When using the stacked logo where the shield element is 14mm wide, an alternative (condensed stacked logo) version of the logo may be used where the university name is more prominent. Only use in situations where legibility is paramount (for example, when the logo will be used small or when being viewed at a distance). 

Condensed stacked logo

The Queen Margaret University logo was developed to allow the legible reproduction of the logo for use in small adverts or when viewed at a distance. This is a suitable logo for printing and digital reproduction only when the other logos will not reproduce efficiently.

QMU Colour logo

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Colour logo for use on dark background

Reversed condensed logo

Logo for use over coloured backgrounds. 


To ensure the strength of the corporate brand, the University only employs a very limited number of sub-brands. 

Do not create your own sub-brand or attempt to for a proxy sub-brand by placing wording about your constituent part of the University adjacent to the logo. If you think you need a sub-brand, please speak with the Marketing and Communications office. All sub-brands need to be approved by the University's senior management team. 

Our standard sub-brand logo uses a separator to distinguish the sub-brand from the in-line logo. 

Sample sub-brands

Sample QMU Subbrand


 Screenshots of the QMU website on a desktop computer and a laptop

Logo usage online

For our website, we have simplified our logo to appear reversed out on a coloured background, reflecting modern web design. The logo appears on the top left corner of the website, on dark blue. Generally, the logo can appear reversed out of a background with with a solid background. If it is to appear over white, please use the full colour stacked or in-line logo.

The QMU logo in the header of the QMU website


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