Information regarding your programme of study is available below:


  • Your programme of study is the degree that you are undertaking
  • Full time UG students undertake 120 credits per year
  • Full time PG students undertake 180 credits per year.
  • Credits are achieved through individual modules.
  • Modules can be either core or elective/optional.


  • A module is a subject that you study
  • Successful completion of a module equates to a set number of credits
  • Every module has an individual code
  • Module codes begin with a letter and then the level, for example B1056, S1146, T1142


  • A component is the method of assessment within a module
  • This can be practical, presentation, examination, essay, report, portfolio or a combination of these
  • Modules can consist of only one component or several components
  • EVERY component counts!

To find out the modules you will complete as part of your programme of study, click on the relevant link below: